What is another word for hireling?

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Hireling is a word that refers to a person who is hired to do a job, often used in a negative sense, suggesting that the person is motivated primarily by money rather than a sense of passion or commitment to the work. Synonyms for hireling might include mercenary, wage earner, hired hand, opportunist, or even scab. All of these words suggest a certain mercenary quality in the person's work, but also imply a degree of dependence or vulnerability: these are people who need the work, rather than doing it out of a sense of purpose or calling. While some may view hirelings as lacking in integrity or commitment, it is important to remember that many people simply need to work to survive, and that there is no shame in this.

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    1. In medieval times, a "hireling" was a man or woman who was employed by someone else, usually for a period of time. 2. This type of relationship is typically contrasted with that of a "vassal" or an "apprentice". 3. A hireling was typically expected to be obedient and to work for no less than a fixed number of days or weeks. 4. They could also be subject to various forms of punishment if they failed to meet these conditions. 5. The term is still used in modern times to describe someone who is temporary or unreliable.

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