What is another word for retrenchments?

Pronunciation: [ɹɪtɹˈɛnt͡ʃmənts] (IPA)

Retrenchments, also known as layoffs or redundancies, refer to the process of reducing a company's workforce in order to cut costs or streamline operations. While the term "retrenchments" is commonly used in business settings, there are several synonyms that can be used interchangeably. Some of the most common synonyms for retrenchments include terminations, dismissals, reductions in force, downsizing, and workforce reductions. Each of these terms is a way of describing the same process of decreasing the number of employees within a company, typically by eliminating positions or departments that are deemed non-essential or redundant. Regardless of the specific term used, retrenchments can be a difficult and stressful experience for both the affected employees and the company itself.

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The antonyms for the word "retrenchments" are expansion, growth, and development. While retrenchment refers to cutting back or reducing expenses, expansion refers to the increase in size, scope, or range of something. Growth, on the other hand, denotes the process of becoming larger, more significant, or more profitable. Development refers to the progress or advancement of something towards a particular direction or goal. In contrast with retrenchment, these antonyms are indicative of the positive aspects of business, such as strategic planning, innovation, and investment. By focusing on expansion, growth, and development, businesses can transform their operations and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Usage examples for Retrenchments

At that moment, when no other man would have been able to hold back the multitude, he put a stop to the intended expedition, and rebuked and turned aside the resentment felt, on personal grounds, against the envoys; he dismissed them with an answer from himself, to the effect that he did not object to the government of the Five Thousand, but insisted that the Four Hundred should be deposed and the Council of Five Hundred reinstated in power: meanwhile any retrenchments for economy, by which pay might be better found for the armament, met with his entire approval.
"The History of the Peloponnesian War"
It was singularly unfortunate that these retrenchments should always happen when the gardens were most destitute of vegetables.
"A Complete Account of the Settlement at Port Jackson"
Watkin Tench
The ladies were not pleased at being thus deprived of a large part of their income; but this, with the few other retrenchments made by the royal family, was right.
"The Peasant and the Prince"
Harriet Martineau

Famous quotes with Retrenchments

  • The general decay of those manly and spirited exercises, which formerly were practiced in the vicinity of the metropolis has not arisen from any want of inclination in the people, but from the want of places proper for the purpose: such as in times past had been allotted to them are now covered with buildings, or shut up by enclosures, so that, if it were not for skittles, dutch-pins, four-corners, and the like pastimes, they would have no amusements for the exercise of the body; and these amusements are only to be met with in places belonging to common drinking-houses, for which reason their play is seldom productive of much benefit, but more frequently becomes the prelude to drunkenness and debauchery. This evil has been increasing for a long series of years; and honest Stow laments the retrenchments of the grounds appropriated for martial pastimes which had begun to take place in his day.
    Joseph Strutt

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