What is another word for lurk?

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The word "lurk" carries a negative connotation, implying stealth and hidden intent. However, there are many synonyms that could be used to express the same idea with different nuances or a more neutral tone. Words such as "skulk," "slink," or "creep" suggest movement with purpose, perhaps in order to avoid detection. "Hover," "linger," or "loiter" convey a sense of waiting without necessarily intending harm or mischief. "Peek," "spy," or "observe" imply watching from a distance or hiding place but without necessarily acting on the information obtained. Whatever the context, choosing the right synonym can help convey the intended meaning and tone of your writing.

Synonyms for Lurk:

How to use "Lurk" in context?

Lurk is a word which means to hide or to loiter without activity. Lurk can be used as an adjective meaning to be idle or to spend one's time in an unproductive manner. It can also be used to describe someone who is not ostentatious, who is discreet and under the radar.

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