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The word "tailor" refers to a person who sews, alters, and designs clothing for others. Some synonyms for the word "tailor" are dressmaker, seamstress, couturier, clothier, and fashion designer. A dressmaker specifically focuses on designing and sewing dresses, while a seamstress is a person who sews and alters clothing, and may also create certain items like curtains or bedding. A couturier is a high-end fashion designer who creates custom clothing for wealthy clients, while a clothier is a professional who specializes in selling ready-to-wear clothing. A fashion designer may also be a tailor, but typically focuses on designing new collections and creating clothing lines rather than individual custom pieces.

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Tailor is an occupation which requires skills in cutting, sewing, mending, and creating patterns. Tailoring is also known for its accuracy and tendency to provide a consistent fit. Due to the precision involved in tailor-making, high-quality clothing can be produced at a fraction of the cost of mass-produced garments.

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