What is another word for sturdiness?

Pronunciation: [stˈɜːdɪnəs] (IPA)

When we talk about sturdiness, we often refer to something that is resilient, durable, strong, or robust. These synonyms can be used interchangeably to describe objects that are tough and able to withstand wear and tear. Other words that can be used to describe sturdiness include hardy, solid, firm, reliable, unbreakable, and tough. A sturdy material or structure is one that is hardy and resilient and can weather any storm. Similarly, a sturdy object or person is one who is strong, reliable, and dependable, and can handle any challenge that comes their way.

Synonyms for Sturdiness:

What are the hypernyms for Sturdiness?

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What are the hyponyms for Sturdiness?

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What are the opposite words for sturdiness?

The word "sturdiness" refers to the physical or emotional strength and durability of something or someone. In contrast, some antonyms for the word sturdiness can include fragility, delicacy, weakness, instability, and frailness. Fragility suggests a lack of durability or a tendency to break easily, while delicacy implies something that requires careful handling or is easily damaged. Weakness suggests a lack of strength or firmness, while instability implies something that is unsteady or unreliable. Finally, frailness connotes a lack of robustness or a state of being easily overcome by external forces.

Usage examples for Sturdiness

Though not above the middle height Marian gave people the impression of being much taller than she really was, her figure, although thin and slight, being well-poised and not without a certain sturdiness of make.
"George Eliot"
Mathilde Blind
It comes partly by race heredity from the sturdiness of the Saxon and Norman founders of the race, partly from the general practice of working hard from youth up, and largely from the fact that the English playgrounds are so universally used, and are the scenes of the severest struggles for supremacy in skill and power that are witnessed in any part of the world.
"Dickens As an Educator"
James L. (James Laughlin) Hughes
Susan Fleet was one of those capable and intelligent women who are apt to develop sturdiness if they do not marry and have children.
"The Way of Ambition"
Robert Hichens

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