What is another word for aplomb?

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Aplomb is a term that refers to composure, self-confidence, and poise. It is a crucial quality to possess while dealing with difficult situations. However, there are several other words that can be used interchangeably with 'aplomb.' For instance, the word 'poise' indicates grace and self-assurance when handling an issue, whereas 'composure' suggests calmness and collectedness under pressure. 'Confidence' and 'assurance' both imply certainty and conviction in one's opinions or actions. Additionally, 'level-headedness' indicates a rational and sober mind, while 'self-assurance' indicates a belief in oneself. All of these terms are synonymous with 'aplomb' and can be utilized to interchangeably convey the same meaning.

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What are the opposite words for aplomb?

Aplomb is a word that is often used to describe someone who is composed, confident, and poised. However, there are several antonyms that can be used to describe the opposite of aplomb. One antonym is nervousness or anxiety, which indicates a lack of composure or confidence. Another antonym is clumsiness or awkwardness, which suggests a lack of poise or gracefulness. A third antonym is confusion or uncertainty, which can indicate a lack of confidence in one's abilities. These antonyms show that the opposite of aplomb is a state of disarray, self-doubt, and uneasiness.

Usage examples for Aplomb

Miss Frazer's eyes, which always remind one more or less of a melancholy-minded rabbit, and which now wear a very sympathetic air, rest with benevolence upon the Prince, who offers della Seggiola his hand with the aplomb for which he is justly celebrated throughout Europe, hurriedly thanks him for the great pleasure he has given him by his art, and prays beforehand for indulgence and patience, since he is, as he maintains, a beginner,-only a beginner.
"Erlach Court"
Ossip Schubin
In spite of her wonderful degree of aplomb, Anastasia at this point of the conversation is silent and looks rather confused.
"Erlach Court"
Ossip Schubin
Edith, who seemed to have recovered her aplomb, continued her conversation with Percy Tompkins.
James Huneker

Famous quotes with Aplomb

  • Although it was only nine o'clock he had already gone once around the pharmacological wheel to which he'd strapped himself for the evening, stolen a tuba, and offended a transvestite; and now his companions were beginning, with delight and aplomb, to barf. It was definitely a Crabtree kind of night.
    Michael Chabon

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