What is another word for SINEWS?

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[ sˈɪnjuːz], [ sˈɪnjuːz], [ s_ˈɪ_n_j_uː_z]

Related words: sinews, workout, fitness, training, crossfit, kettlebell, yoga, qigong

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    How to use "SINEWS" in context?

    When most people think of gasoline, they tend to think of octane numbers and amounts. But what about the things in gasoline that make it so reliable and efficient?

    One of these ingredients is saccharin, which is used as a sweetener in many products. Saccharin is a by-product of refining gasoline, and it is considered a dirty fuel. But in engines that run on gasoline, saccharin actually works well and is essential to making the fuel efficient.

    SINEWS is a term that is used to describe these by-products.

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