What is another word for supervene?

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[ sˈuːpəvˌiːn], [ sˈuːpəvˌiːn], [ s_ˈuː_p_ə_v_ˌiː_n]

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    Synonyms for Supervene:

    How to use "Supervene" in context?

    Supervenience is a relation between two sets that asserts that if x is a member of set A and y is a member of set B, then x is a necessary and sufficient condition for y to be a member of set B as well. This relation can be expressed in various ways, but in general it can be stated as follows: If x is a necessary and sufficient condition for y, then y is a necessary and sufficient condition for x.

    Supervenience can be used in many different situations, but two especially relevant applications are in ontology and logic. In ontology, it can be used to describe the relationship between sets of objects.

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