What is another word for come after?

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There are several synonyms for the phrase "come after," which means to follow or pursue. One common alternative is "pursue," which can be used in a more active sense to convey the idea of actively chasing something or someone. "Follow" is another option, which emphasizes the idea of one thing coming after another in a linear way. A related word is "succeed," which can be used to describe someone taking over a role or position after another person. Other possibilities include "trail," "chase," and "tail." Ultimately, the choice of synonym depends on the specific context and desired tone of the writer.

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What are the hypernyms for Come after?

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What are the hyponyms for Come after?

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What are the opposite words for come after?

Come after is a phrasal verb that means to follow or chase after someone or something. The antonyms for come after can be expressed in various ways, depending on the context. They may include words such as precede, lead, surpass, excel, outperform, or even stay ahead of. Precede means to come before in time or order, while lead implies being at the forefront or taking the lead in a situation. Surpass and excel denote outdoing or exceeding someone or something, whereas outperform suggests doing better than others in a task or activity. On the other hand, staying ahead of means maintaining a higher position or level of performance than others.

What are the antonyms for Come after?

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