What is another word for intervene?

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Intervene is a powerful word that denotes the act of coming in between two parties or situations with the intention of resolving a conflict or improving a situation. The word can be replaced with several synonyms that convey similar meanings, including interpose, step in, meddle, intrude, interfere, arbitrate, intercede, interject, and mediate. Each synonym carries a slightly different connotation, making them useful in specific contexts. For example, interpose suggests placing oneself between two opposing forces, while mediate implies actively negotiating a settlement between two parties. Whatever synonym you use, intervening requires tact, diplomacy, and an understanding of both sides of the situation.

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    How to use "Intervene" in context?

    Intervene is a verb meaning "to interfere in the course or proceedings of (a meeting, conference, etc.), especially to express disapproval":

    At the intervention of the chair, the discussion was moved to a more private setting.

    An intervention by the president on the floor of the convention was unexpected but welcomed.

    Doctors are called to intervene in emergency rooms to provide care to heart attack victims.

    We intervened on behalf of the applicant and were successful in getting the loan approved.

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