What is another word for take into account?

Pronunciation: [tˈe͡ɪk ˌɪntʊ ɐkˈa͡ʊnt] (IPA)

When you're considering all the factors surrounding a situation, you might say that you're "taking into account" certain details. However, there are also plenty of synonyms for this phrase that you can use to convey the same idea. Some of these synonyms include "consider," "take note of," "pay attention to," "bear in mind," "factor in," "incorporate," and "reckon with." By substituting any of these alternatives for "take into account," you can add some variety to your writing or speech while still getting your point across clearly and effectively.

Synonyms for Take into account:

What are the hypernyms for Take into account?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.
  • hypernyms for take into account (as verbs)

What are the hyponyms for Take into account?

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Famous quotes with Take into account

  • There are so many things to take into account - your ambition, your ego, the press, the consumers. You can never be sure that you'll be on top of the pile again.
    Giorgio Armani
  • As a matter of fact, if you do not take into account, as Congressman Ross just stated, the Social Security surplus, our fiscal deficit, ladies and gentlemen, is over $700 billion today.
    Jim Costa
  • Whichever theory we adopt to give a rational explanation of human existence, that theory must take into account and explain the mental nature we see at work in all modern communities.
    Arthur Keith
  • You have to take into account it was the cell phone that became what the modern-day concept of a phone call is, and this is a device that's attached to your hip 24/7. Before that there was 'leave a message' and before that there was 'hopefully you're home.'
    Giovanni Ribisi
  • In a Union of 15 now, you must take into account the sensibilities of everyone.
    Jacques Santer

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