What is another word for foresee?

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[ f_ɔː_s_ˈiː], [ fɔːsˈiː], [ fɔːsˈiː]

Synonyms for Foresee:

expect (verb) foresee (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Foresee:

  1. se, ti, key, ne, licensee, parolee, enlistee, p, mt, marquee, knee, honoree, cod, rb, zee, id, nestle, draftee, leigh, ranee, esprit, tea, deportee, curie, g, c, mi, referee, tennessee, sea, kea, ddt, debris, detainee, vendee, banshee, ip, cd, klee, spree, inductee, xi, disagree, lp, potpourri, see, z, t, gutsy, glee, vi, pea, emcee, trainee, nominee, marquis, bee, lee, tree, gee, nee, indri, be, internee, yippee, degree, decree, atp, ski, ab, brie, zea, me, he, te, cc, de, yi, oversea, flea, ee, jubilee, lessee, rupee, mc, d, lxi, tv, trustee, chablis, fee, sep, tee, appointee, undersea, lea, mit, retiree, guarantee, plea, three, devotee, lsd, bourgeoisie, li, yangtze, whoopee, v, guaranty, wee, fop, b, re, si, free, flee;
  2. albee, agree, ac;
  3. addressee;
  4. interviewee;

Quotes for Foresee:

  1. When my job was attempting to predict future economic developments for the Shell oil company, I was frequently reminded of an Arabic saying: 'Those who claim to foresee the future are lying, even if by chance they are later proved right.' Vince Cable.
  2. Good teachers make the best of a pupil's means; great teachers foresee a pupil's ends. Maria Callas.
  3. We have made mistakes. In our haste to do all things for all people, we did not foresee the full consequences of our actions. And when the people raised their voices, we didn't hear. But our deafness was only a temporary condition, and not an irreversible condition. Barbara Jordan.