What is another word for envisage?

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Envisage is a word that refers to the act of imagining or visualizing something in one's mind. There are several other synonyms that you can use to convey the same meaning, such as envision, imagine, picture, conceive, or consider. All of these words share the same general idea of creating a mental representation of something that is not currently in front of you. Whether you are trying to describe a potential project, a new business idea, or a future destination, using one of these synonyms for envisage will help your audience understand the possibilities that you are envisioning. So next time you need to describe an idea, take the time to consider which synonym for envisage will best convey your point.

Related words: think of, picture, imagine, contemplate, foresee, conceive, ideate, cogitate

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    "To envisage" is to form an idea of, typically in one's mind. To envisage something can be done actively and intentionally, or passively and unintentionally. An example of an intentionally performed act of envisaging would be when someone closes their eyes and visualizes themselves in a specific place, such as in their home or office. An example of an unintentionally performed act of envisaging would be when someone is daydreaming and doesn't realize they are thinking about a specific person or place.

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