What is another word for concede?

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Conceding is the act of admitting defeat or acknowledging someone else's point of view. Synonyms for this word include surrender, yield, give in, admit, acknowledge, and accept. One can also use the terms cede, relinquish, hand over, or let go of. Other related words to concede include compromise and settle. When one concedes, they might also be described as backing down, dropping their defenses, or making peace. Similarly, the act of conceding can be seen as an act of humility or even a form of diplomacy. It's important to choose the right synonym depending on the context to ensure clear communication.

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    Conceding something means to agree completely to or allow what someone is asking. Conceding may also mean giving in to someone's demands, or giving up after trying to fight for something. It can be an effective way to ease tension and make a situation less difficult.

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