What is another word for tarp?

Pronunciation: [tˈɑːp] (IPA)

A tarp, also known as a tarpaulin, is a versatile piece of material used for covering and protecting objects and surfaces from the elements. However, there are several synonyms for tarp that are often used interchangeably. One such synonym is "canvas," which is a heavy-duty material made of cotton or a cotton blend. Another synonym is "polyethylene sheet," which is a lightweight plastic material that is waterproof and resistant to chemicals. A third option is "awning," which is typically used to describe a fabric or metal structure used to shade outdoor spaces. Other synonyms for tarp include "cover," "shelter," and "cloth." Regardless of the synonym used, the purpose of a tarp remains the same: to provide protective cover and shield objects from the elements.

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What are the opposite words for tarp?

Tarp is a commonly used word for the durable, waterproof fabric used to cover and protect various items. However, when looking for antonyms for tarp, one must think about the opposite of its qualities. Some antonyms for tarp may include lightweight, breathable, and permeable materials, such as mesh or cheesecloth. Another antonym for tarp could be fragile or delicate, like tissue paper or silk. These materials would not be suitable for covering and protecting items, but rather for decorative or ornamental purposes. Overall, the antonyms for tarp would be materials that are unsuitable for protection and lack the same durability and water resistance.

What are the antonyms for Tarp?

Usage examples for Tarp

Next morning we also had a couple of inches of snow on top of the tarp.
Johnson, Clarence Edgar
We hastily rigged a tarp on a pair of oars spliced for a mast, and proceeded at a care-free pace.
"The River and I"
John G. Neihardt
Driving the oar half-way into the soft sand, we wrapped the boat's chain about it and went to bed, flinging the tarp over us.
"The River and I"
John G. Neihardt

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