What is another word for pretense?

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[ pɹɪtˈɛns], [ pɹɪtˈɛns], [ p_ɹ_ɪ_t_ˈɛ_n_s]

Related words: pretend, pretense meaning, make-belief, pretend to be, act as if, pretend to be someone else, act in a way that one is not

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    How to use "Pretense" in context?

    What is pretense?

    Pretense is a behavior in which we pretend to do or feel something that we are not actually doing or feeling.

    When pretending to be someone or something else, we may use words, gestures, or body language to create the impression that we are someone or something else.

    Pretense can be helpful in many situations. For example, when we pretend to be someone we are not, we can hide our true identity from others. Pretending to be someone we are not can also help us to socialize and engage with other people.

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