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A mat is a flat piece of material, typically placed on the ground to protect flooring or to provide a non-slip surface. Synonyms for the word mat include rug, carpet, pad, cushion, floor covering, and doormat. A rug is similar to a mat but typically covers a larger area and may have a decorative pattern. A carpet is a larger, plush floor covering that typically covers an entire room. A pad may refer to a smaller mat used for cushioning or protection. A cushion may be used to provide comfort, such as a chair cushion. A doormat is often used to wipe feet before entering a home or building.

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Mat is a natural, composite material consisting of a variety of materials layered together. When properly compressed and cut, it has a very low density and is resistant to mold and mildew. It is often used as an underlayment for floors, ceilings, and walls in construction.

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