What is another word for disguise?

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Disguise is a term used to describe hiding one's true personality, appearance, or identity. Synonyms for this word include alter, cloak, mask, camouflage, veil, and cover-up. These words all have a similar meaning, with slight differences in their usage. Alter refers to making changes to something to make it unrecognizable. A cloak is a piece of clothing worn to cover oneself, while a mask is a covering worn over the face to hide one's identity. Camouflage is a means of blending into one's surroundings, often used in hunting or war. Veil refers to covering oneself or an object with a light, translucent material. Cover-up involves concealing or denying the truth about something. These synonyms can be used to describe various strategies for concealing one's identity or true intentions.

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How to use "Disguise" in context?

Disguise is a habit or behavior that people wear to hide their true identity. Disguises can be done in many different ways and can be used for many different purposes. Disguises can be used to disguise which parts of the body are being used to make the gesture or sound, to disguise the speaker's voice, or to disguise the nature of the object being talked about. Disguise can also be used to deceive others about the true identity of the speaker.

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