What is another word for temblor?

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Temblor is a term used to describe an earthquake or shaking. Synonyms for temblor include earthquake, tremor, seismic activity, quake, and tremble. Each of these synonyms refers to the same natural phenomenon but may be used in different contexts or regions. For example, earthquake is a more formal term used by seismologists to describe the scientific measurement and study of seismic activity, while tremor is a word that may be used in non-scientific or casual conversation to describe the shaking sensation felt during an earthquake. Regardless of the word used, temblors can be highly destructive and should be taken seriously.

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Usage examples for Temblor

Lockley guessed automatically at half a dozen possible causes for the small rock-slide, but he did not think at all of an unperceived temblor from a shock like high explosives going off thirty miles away.
"Operation Terror"
William Fitzgerald Jenkins
While the records of San Francisco earthquakes up to the present have exhibited a mild type, the damage to property having hitherto been slight, it would appear from the extent and violence of the present temblor that both causes had for once united.
"Complete Story of the San Francisco Horror"
Richard Linthicum Trumbull White Samuel Fallows
Sobrevino vn tan gran Terremoto, con temblor, i tempestad de Agua, i Relampagos, i Raios, i grandes Truenos, que abriendose la Tierra por muchas partes, se hundieron quinientas Casas.
Prescott, William Hickling

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