What is another word for upturn?

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An upturn is defined as an improvement or a positive change. It can be described using various synonyms, such as a surge, a revival, a rebound, an increase, an incline, an uptick, an elevation, or an escalation. These words all convey a sense of advancement and growth, whether it be in a business, a relationship, or a personal endeavor. Other synonyms for upturn include an upswing, an enhancement, a progression, a betterment, a boom, and a rise. Each of these words captures the optimistic and hopeful mood of improvement, indicating a shift towards a more favorable outcome.

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    Upturn is a time when there is a significant change in a person's fortunes, often brought about by some positive event. In the business world, upturns can refer to an increase in sales or profits, which is often followed by a lull due to the natural cycle of businesses.

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