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Turnaround, as a word, generally refers to the process of improving a situation or a company's fortunes. However, there exist various synonyms for the word "turnaround," each with its unique connotations. One of the synonyms is "reversal," which suggests a complete change in direction for a company or a situation. Another synonym for "turnaround" is "resurgence," which implies a revival or renewal of momentum in the face of adversity. "Recovery," on the other hand, suggests a return to a previously successful or stable position. "Transformation" implies a complete and thorough change in the structure or processes of an entity. Finally, "renewal" suggests the infusion of new energy or direction into an existing entity.

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    • time
      work time.

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A turnaround refers to a change in direction, attitude, or course of action. The word has several antonyms, including continuation, persistence, and plateau. Continuation refers to the act of continuing something that is already in progress rather than changing it. Persistence means the ability to endure or withstand trials, obstacles, and challenges without giving up. Plateau, on the other hand, is a state when there is no significant change or progress, making the opposite of a turnaround. While a turnaround involves a radical shift, it is essential to understand its antonyms to create a balanced understanding of the word.

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Usage examples for Turnaround

A small gray car, five or six years old but of polished and well-tended appearance, trundled presently up the pier, came into the turnaround at the boat station, and stopped.
"Gone Fishing"
James H. Schmitz
But I'm sure you want to continue with your mission, and you will be glad to hear that we will be making an immediate turnaround after the disembarkation of our other passengers.
"Abducted to Oz"
Bob Evans and Chris Dulabone

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