What is another word for calibration?

Pronunciation: [kˌalɪbɹˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

Calibration is the process of adjusting, fine-tuning, or setting a device or instrument to a known standard or reference. Synonyms for calibration are measurement, validation, adjustment, alignment, harmonization, standardization, tuning, balancing, and scaling. Each of these terms alludes to the process of ensuring the accuracy, precision, or consistency of a system or device. The goal of calibration is to maintain and improve the functionality and reliability of an instrument or system, and to produce accurate and precise measurements or readings. Whether it is an electronic device, machine tool, or laboratory instrument, calibration is an essential process that plays a significant role in ensuring the quality and integrity of data and results.

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Antonyms for the term "calibration" are words that have opposite or contrasting meanings to the word calibration. Some of the common antonyms for the word "calibration" include "improvisation," "guesswork," "approximation," "inaccuracy," "uncertainty," "vagueness," "hunch," "estimation," "roughness," and "indistinctness." These antonyms suggest a lack of precision or accuracy, and a reliance on subjective or uncertain methods. Calibrating something means bringing it into agreement with a standard or adjust it precisely to ensure its proper functioning, while the antonyms suggest a lack of such precision and accuracy. The antonyms of calibration remind us of the importance of calibrating equipment and instruments for better output.

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Usage examples for Calibration

You could make a scale for yourself if you wished, but if it was to be reliable you would have to find the places for the markings by applying known weights, that is, by calibration.
"Letters of a Radio-Engineer to His Son"
John Mills
They certainly must have a symbology for the calibration of scientific instruments.
"Anything You Can Do"
Gordon Randall Garrett
The rest of us will check out the circuit and establish calibration to be ready for recording this afternoon."
"The Egyptian Cat Mystery"
Harold Leland Goodwin

Famous quotes with Calibration

  • We don't have any rules about how we depict violence, or how much violence is in a movie. It's a calibration on a case-by-case basis.
    Joel Coen

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