What is another word for epitome?

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[ ɪpˈɪtəmˌɪ], [ ɪpˈɪtəmˌɪ], [ ɪ_p_ˈɪ_t_ə_m_ˌɪ]

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How to use "Epitome" in context?

When we think of epitomes, we usually imagine a perfect or complete example of a thing, such as a painting, sculpture, or poem. But an epitome can also be a term used to describe a perfect example of a particular type of thing, such as an employee, product, or process. In a business setting, an epitome can be used to describe an exemplary employee or product. The key to creating an epitome is to find the perfect balance between detail and simplicity.

In the world of art, an epitome is a work of art that represents the highest level of achievement in that genre.

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