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There are plenty of synonyms for the word "understandable". Some of the commonly used synonyms for this word include comprehensible, intelligible, logical, clear, apparent, coherent, articulate, fathomable, and explicit. "Comprehensible" suggests that something is easy to grasp or comprehend, while "intelligible" is used to describe something that can be understood without much effort. "Logical" is employed when something is reasonable and makes sense, while "clear" implies that something is free of ambiguity or doubt. "Articulate" is used to describe something that is expressed clearly and fluently, while "fathomable" suggests that something is easy to probe or understand completely. Finally, "explicit" implies that something is stated or written in a clear and concise manner.

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Understanding is the bridge that links us to our fellow man. Unfortunately, too often misunderstandings, lack of communication and petty arguments occur because we don't understand each other. By learning to understand, we can create more meaningful, fulfilling and productive relationships.

First and foremost, it's important to remember that everyone has their own way of thinking and feeling. While it may seem natural to act in a certain way based on how we were raised, our individual experiences and interactions over the course of our lives can quickly change that.

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