What is another word for arguable?

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Arguable is a word that can be used in various contexts to express different degrees of disagreement or uncertainty. Some synonyms for arguable include debatable, disputable, questionable, dubious, uncertain, and controversial. These words all suggest a level of subjectivity and imply that there are opposing views on a given topic. However, they differ in their connotations and the degree of confidence they convey. Debatable and disputable suggest an open question that requires further discussion or evidence, while questionable and dubious imply a higher degree of skepticism or suspicion. Uncertain connotes a lack of clarity or definitive knowledge, while controversial implies a divisive or polarizing issue that elicits strong opinions.

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How to use "Arguable" in context?

Arguable is an important word because it is a word that is used to debate positions.Args are usually evidence or reasons used in a debate. Arguments are the speeches or statements used in a debate.

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