What is another word for realise?

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The word "realise" can be easily substituted by a number of synonyms depending on the context of use. For instance, "understand", "comprehend", "grasp" and "acknowledge" are all commonly used alternatives. In terms of achieving something, one may use "accomplish", "attain" or "achieve" instead of "realise". Alternatively, "perceive", "notice" or "discern" can be used when referring to the recognition of something that was previously unnoticed. Similarly, "actualize", "manifest" and "materialize" are commonly used to denote that something has become a reality. Overall, the wide range of synonyms available for "realise" makes it easy to communicate ideas in a variety of contexts.

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How to use "Realise" in context?

Realise means to understand or to have an awareness of. We may realise something when we see it or when we remember it. Sometimes we realise things gradually, and at other times we may realise them suddenly. In any case, realising something is always a sign that we have understood it.

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