What is another word for unambiguous?

Pronunciation: [ʌnambˈɪɡjuːəs] (IPA)

There are several synonyms for the word "unambiguous" that can be used to convey clarity and precision. Some of the common synonyms include clear, straightforward, plain, explicit, unequivocal, distinct, and manifest. All these words imply a state of clearness and directness that leaves no room for confusion. "Clear" and "straightforward" suggest an absence of complicating factors, while "plain" emphasizes the simplicity of the language used to express an idea. "Explicit" and "unequivocal" convey even more definiteness and precision, while "distinct" and "manifest" signify a clear and easily recognizable quality. In essence, all these synonyms for unambiguous communicate a state of absolute clarity that is easy to understand and follow.

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What are the hypernyms for Unambiguous?

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What are the opposite words for unambiguous?

The word "unambiguous" means clear and definite, leaving no doubt or confusion. Its antonyms are words that convey the opposite meanings of "unambiguous." Some of these include "ambiguous," meaning unclear or open to interpretation. "Vague" and "equivocal" are other antonyms that suggest ambiguity or uncertainty. Another antonym is "obscure," conveying a sense of being hidden or hard to understand. "Indistinct" and "unclear" also describe the opposite of "unambiguous." In summary, the antonyms of "unambiguous" all suggest confusion or uncertainty in meaning, rather than clarity and certainty.

What are the antonyms for Unambiguous?

Usage examples for Unambiguous

When he arrived at home, he threw on his table the pocket-book whose unambiguous motto made him scorn her, and almost himself for being the object of such folly.
"Thaddeus of Warsaw"
Jane Porter
While there was much sentiment in North America supporting marriages among slaves, and there was much animosity against masters who separated families through sale, the law was unambiguous on this point.
"The Black Experience in America The Immigrant Heritage of America"
Norman Coombs
The conception of space is too often treated in philosophy-even by those who on reflection would not defend such treatment-as though it were as given, simple, and unambiguous as Kant, in his psychological innocence, supposed.
"Mysticism and Logic and Other Essays"
Bertrand Russell

Famous quotes with Unambiguous

  • Unfortunately it makes the unambiguous determination of triplets by these methods much more difficult than would be the case if there were only one triplet for each amino acid.
    Francis Crick
  • There is no gene “for” such unambiguous bits of morphology as your left kneecap or your fingernail. […] Hundreds of genes contribute to the building of most body parts and their action is channeled through a kaleidoscopic series of environmental influences: embryonic and postnatal, internal and external. Parts are not translated genes, and selection doesn't even work directly on parts.
    Stephen Jay Gould
  • We inhabit a complex world. Some boundaries are sharp and permit clean and definite distinctions. But nature also includes continua that cannot be neatly parceled into two piles of unambiguous yeses and noes. Biologists have rejected, as fatally flawed in principle, all attempts by anti-abortionists to define an unambiguous “beginning of life,” because we know so well that the sequence from ovulation or spermatogenesis to birth is an unbreakable continuum—and surely no one will define masturbation as murder.
    Stephen Jay Gould
  • As a nation, we are too young to have true mythic heroes, and we must press real human beings into service. Honest Abe Lincoln the legend is quite a different character from Abraham Lincoln the man. And so should they be. And so should both be treasured, as long as they are distinguished. In a complex and confusing world, the perfect clarity of sports provides a focus for legitimate, utterly unambiguous support [or] disdain. The Dodgers are evil, the Yankees good. They really are, and have been for as long as anyone in my family can remember.
    Stephen Jay Gould
  • How rare it is to come across a piece of writing that is unambiguous, unqualified, and also unblurred by understatements or subtleties, and yet at the same time urbane and tolerant.
    Eric Hoffer

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