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The word "missing" is often used to refer to something or someone that is lost, absent, or unaccounted for. There are several synonyms for "missing" that can be used in different contexts. For example, the words "absent" or "gone" can be used to refer to something or someone that is not present. "Lost" can be used to refer to something that has disappeared or cannot be found. "Mislaid" or "misplaced" can be used to suggest that something has been put in the wrong place. "Vanished" can be used to suggest that something or someone has disappeared suddenly without a trace. All of these synonyms can be very useful in different scenarios and can be used to convey different meanings.

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    People search endlessly for something they cannot quantify. For many, that something is a loved one. For others, that something is a simple object. Regardless of the object, the underlying fear remains the same - that one day, they will simply "not be there."

    This fear is compounded for families who have someone "missing." Because the circumstances surrounding their disappearance are unknown, it lends an air of suspicion to the loved ones who remain steadfast in their belief that their loved one is still alive and well. The lack of closure only serves to further stress the families and add to the already unbearable psychological burden.

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