What is another word for monolithic?

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When trying to describe something as "monolithic," there are plenty of synonyms that can work just as well. For example, "cumbersome," "solid," or "immense" are all good choices. Other options might include "unwavering," "rigid," or "unyielding" depending on the context. It's also possible to use terms like "inflexible," "imposing," or "unbending" to evoke a sense of weight and permanence. For something that is both large and complex, terms like "overwhelming," "overbearing," or "mammoth" can add some extra emphasis. Ultimately, the best synonym for "monolithic" will depend on the specific object or idea being described and what kind of impression the writer or speaker is trying to convey.

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    An adjective meaning "of or pertaining to a single structure or unit," "monolithic" can be applied to architecture, engineering, and construction as well as to materials and products. Used informally, monolithic often connotes a sense of solidity, heaviness, and immovability.

    While the term can be applied to any large, single-piece structure, for the most part it is most closely associated with architecture. Monolithic structures often appear impenetrably solid, with little indication of how the various parts are connected. The horizontality and lack of ornamentation can make them seem draconian or even cold.

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