What is another word for monolithic?

Pronunciation: [mˌɒnə͡ʊlˈɪθɪk] (IPA)

When trying to describe something as "monolithic," there are plenty of synonyms that can work just as well. For example, "cumbersome," "solid," or "immense" are all good choices. Other options might include "unwavering," "rigid," or "unyielding" depending on the context. It's also possible to use terms like "inflexible," "imposing," or "unbending" to evoke a sense of weight and permanence. For something that is both large and complex, terms like "overwhelming," "overbearing," or "mammoth" can add some extra emphasis. Ultimately, the best synonym for "monolithic" will depend on the specific object or idea being described and what kind of impression the writer or speaker is trying to convey.

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What are the opposite words for monolithic?

Monolithic is a term that describes something that is large, unchanging, and uniform. Its antonyms should reflect the opposite of these qualities. One such antonym is 'diverse', which indicates something that is made up of various types or elements. Another is 'modular', which suggests that something can be easily assembled and disassembled. Similarly, 'multifaceted' describes something that has many different sides or aspects. Another antonym is 'flexible', which indicates something that can bend or change easily. Finally, 'progressive' is another antonym, which implies something that is evolving or advancing over time. By using these antonyms, we can better express the range of possibilities that exist outside of monolithic structures.

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Usage examples for Monolithic

This monolithic quality is particularly well brought out in the tower on the north.
"The Art of the Exposition"
Eugen Neuhaus
How big the creature might be it was impossible to say at that distance, for we were quite a mile away from it; but it was evident that no other monolithic monument that we had ever seen or heard of could approach its colossal dimensions.
"Queen Sheba's Ring"
H. Rider Haggard
It has a fine ambulatory, and a range of eight monolithic columns, removed, says tradition, from an ancient Pagan temple.
"The Cathedrals of Northern France"
Francis Miltoun

Famous quotes with Monolithic

  • People have accepted the media's idea of what feminism is, but that doesn't mean that it's right or true or real. Feminism is not monolithic. Within feminism, there is an array of opinions.
    Judy Chicago
  • It is probably true that business corrupts everything it touches. It corrupts politics, sports, literature, art, labor unions and so on. But business also corrupts and undermines monolithic totalitarianism. Capitalism is at its liberating best in a noncapitalist environment.
    Eric Hoffer
  • In Part II I argue that the Prison is institutionalized by the "monolithic mode of production" which creates effective monopolies not for its brands but for its products ... institutionalized medicine; the universal, compulsory school; compulsory heterosexuality; ... In Part III ... I propose a class analysis that sees us not as ruling-class, bourgeois or proletarian, but as life-, thing- or death-oriented. In Part IV ... I suggest that the new worldview implies four "primary" New Age ethics – the self-development, ecology, self reliance-cooperation and nonviolence ethics. ... In Part V I try to suggest what "New Age society" might be like. ... It would foster "localization" – community and regional decentralization (to whatever extent the various communities wished). And it would foster "planetization" – planetary cooperation and sharing. ... In Pat VII ... I argue for a strategy that would involve ... (a) healing self, and (b) healing society.
    Mark Satin
  • I'd do some things differently if I were writing this book from scratch today. I would be more nuanced in the history sections. I'd be less inclined to see everyone at "Self-development Stages Six and Seven" as the cat's meow. Above all, perhaps, I would emphasize that some of what I call "monolithic institutions" are evolving (i.e., are being shoved by us) in a positive direction today – so I'd bend over backward to encourage immersion as well as resistance. We need transformers everywhere, inside "The System" as well as outside it. But even with such "flaws" (mainly the flaws of youth), I think is still the best single expression of the new politics as a coherent, systemic, integral whole.
    Mark Satin
  • Science is not a monolithic body of doctrine. Science is a culture, constantly growing and changing.Science has as many competing styles as painting or poetry. The diversity of science also finds a parallel in the diversity of religion.
    Freeman Dyson

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