What is another word for beauty?

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Beauty is a concept that has a variety of synonyms in the English language. Some commonly used alternatives for beauty include elegance, charm, grace, radiance, loveliness, allure, and attractiveness. Other synonyms for beauty can include prettiness, pulchritude, comeliness, and attractiveness. Words like magnificence, splendor, allure, and glamour can also be used to describe beauty. In addition, the term "handsomeness" is often used to describe the attractiveness of men, while "femininity" can be used to describe the attractiveness of women. Overall, there are many words that can capture the essence of beauty and its many forms, each offering different nuances and shades of meaning.

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How to use "Beauty" in context?

What is beauty? To some, it is the way a person looks; to others, it is the way a person thinks or behaves. No matter what a person's definition of beauty is, everyone has an opinion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone has their own way of interpreting it.

There are many opinions on what makes someone beautiful. Some people might think a person is beautiful if they have a good figure, while others might think a person is beautiful if they have a large forehead.

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