What is another word for debaucher?

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Debaucher is quite a heavy term that refers to someone who corrupts or leads others astray morally or socially. However, there are plenty of synonyms that can add more context and understanding to this word. Some of the synonyms for debaucher include libertine, lecher, seducer, profligate, and womanizer. Each of these words highlights different aspects of debauchery and the type of person who engages in it. A libertine, for instance, is someone who lives without moral or sexual restraint, while a womanizer is someone who habitually seduces and deceives women. Regardless of the synonym used, they all describe behavior that is generally frowned upon in society.

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What are the opposite words for debaucher?

Debaucher, a term used to describe someone who indulges excessively in sensual pleasures, can be countered with a variety of antonyms that convey the opposite meanings. A few of such antonyms include abstainer, ascetic, puritan, and prude. An abstainer is someone who exercises self-restraint and refrains from indulging in excess. An ascetic, on the other hand, is someone who leads a life of severe self-discipline and aims for spiritual enlightenment. A puritan is someone who adheres to strict moral or religious principles and avoids anything deemed immoral, while a prude is someone who is overly cautious and avoids anything that may be considered scandalous.

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Usage examples for Debaucher

She forgot for the moment that this big, quiet man who stood before her was rough, even boorish in his manner, and that he was the oppressor and debaucher of Indians.
"The Gun-Brand"
James B. Hendryx
You debaucher of women and children!
"The Gun-Brand"
James B. Hendryx
He objected to the drama as a school of concupiscence, as a subtle or gross debaucher of the gravity and purity of the understanding, as essentially a charmer of the senses, and therefore the most equivocal and untrustworthy of teachers.
"Rousseau Volumes I. and II."
John Morley

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