What is another word for virulency?

Pronunciation: [vˈɪɹələnsi] (IPA)

Virulency is a word that describes the degree or intensity of the harmful properties of a particular substance, situation, or behavior. There are several synonyms that can be used in place of virulency, such as toxicity, venomousness, and perniciousness. These words refer to the capacity of a substance to cause harm or illness. Other synonyms for virulency include malignancy, malevolence, and virulence. Malignancy refers to the potential or possibility of causing harm, while malevolence implies an active intention to harm. In contrast, virulence pertains to the intensity or strength of a pathogen, such as a virus or bacteria, in causing disease.

What are the opposite words for virulency?

The word "virulency" means an extreme degree of harmfulness or toxicity. Its antonyms can be words like benignity, gentleness, kindness, or mildness. Benignity refers to a state of being harmless or non-threatening, gentle connotes a soft or mild approach, kindness refers to a state of generous and compassionate behavior, while mildness suggests a gentle or moderate level of attribute, quality, or action. The antonyms of virulency, in ways that are contrary to this negative attribute, describe actions, emotions, or behaviors that have more positive or neutral connotations. It implies a level of calm, friendliness, or benevolence that counters the negativity of virulency.

Usage examples for Virulency

And the prophets, in spite of their virulency, produced the highest forms of artistic beauty.
"The Literature of Ecstasy"
Albert Mordell
But I wonder why our Author is so eager for the calling them to account as Accessaries to an Invective against a third Estate of the Kingdom, while he himself is guilty in almost every sentence of his discourse of aspersing the King, even in his own Person, with all the virulency and Gall imaginable.
"His Majesties Declaration Defended"
John Dryden
Hence comes the epidemical infection: for how can they escape the contagion of the writings whom the virulency of the calumnies hath not staved off from reading?
"Colloquies on Society"
Robert Southey

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