What is another word for pique?

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The word "pique" means to provoke or stimulate. Some synonyms for "pique" may include incite, spur, stir, arouse, kindle, encourage, and excite. The term can also be used to describe feelings of anger or irritation, and in this context, some alternatives may include vex, irritate, irk, aggravate, rile, annoy, or provoke. "Pique" can also refer to a feeling of pride or interest, and some synonyms for this usage may include delight, amuse, enchant, captivate, charm, or fascinate. Regardless of how the term is used, there are many different words that can be substituted for "pique" to enhance communication and clarity.

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    Pique means to irritate or provoke. It is the feeling one gets when something or someone provokes or irritates them. Pique can be caused by many things, but is usually driven by jealousy or resentment. Pique is often followed by an intense desire to get revenge.

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