What is another word for spoilage?

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Spoilage is a term used to describe the decay or deterioration of something, typically food or other perishable items. However, there are several other words that can be used as a synonym for spoilage. For instance, the words corruption, decay, deterioration, putrefaction, and decomposition are all closely linked to spoilage. These words imply that something has broken down and is no longer fit for consumption or use. Other synonyms for spoilage include decomposition, rot, spoil, and waste. All these terms are related to the idea of something going bad or becoming unusable due to age or lack of proper preservation.

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    Spoilage is the term for food that is not consumed or used as intended because it has spoiled. Foods can spoil for many reasons, including improper storage, mishandling, or incorrect preparation. Spoiled food can cause health problems if eaten, such as food poisoning.

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