What is another word for ruining?

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When it comes to the term "ruining," there are plenty of synonyms to choose from depending on what kind of context you are using it in. If you are referring to something that is being destroyed beyond repair, some alternatives could be destroying, wrecking, or demolishing. For actions that are causing harm or damage, sabotaging, damaging, or impairing are all viable options. In the context of spoiling something, words like spoiling, tainting, contaminating, or corrupting would be appropriate. Ultimately, choosing a synonym comes down to understanding the exact meaning and tone you want to convey with your language choice.

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    When I think about the word "ruining," all I can think about is how it has caused so much unnecessary pain and distress in my life. Ruining is a verb that means to damage, impair, or cause the downfall of something. When I use the word "ruining" to describe my relationship with someone, all I can think about is how the actions of that person have permanently damaged what was once a beautiful friendship.

    I first encountered the true definition of "ruining" when I was a young teenager. I had a very close friend who I thought I could trust.

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