What is another word for consuming?

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There are a number of synonyms for the word "consuming," all of which have similar meanings and connotations to the original word. Some of these synonyms include devouring, ingesting, absorbing, draining, using up, depleting, and exhausting. Each of these words emphasizes the concept of something being used or taken in to the fullest extent possible. Some additional synonyms for consuming could include consuming passion, all-consuming obsession, or even absorbing interest. Whether used as an adjective or a verb, the word consuming suggests something that is powerful, intense, and possibly even overwhelming, conveying the sense of total immersion in a particular activity, emotion, or experience.

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    Our lives revolve around consuming. We consume food, water, air, and even thoughts. Some people may argue that we should be more mindful about the things we consume, but it seems that we arebecoming more and more mindless as we get bombarded with images and stimuli all day. We are constantly consuming products and entertainment to fulfil our needs and desires. When we think about it, it's odd that we've become so reliant on consuming to fulfill our needs.

    It seems that consuming is an addiction. Every time we consume something, it triggers our brain to release dopamine, the pleasure hormone.

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