What is another word for problematic?

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[ p_ɹ_ˌɒ_b_əl_m_ˈa_t_ɪ_k], [ pɹˌɒbə͡lmˈatɪk], [ pɹˌɒbə‍lmˈatɪk]

Synonyms for Problematic:

problematic (noun) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Problematic:

  1. thematic, charismatic, undemocratic, rheumatic, undiplomatic, symptomatic, programmatic, enigmatic, emblematic, idiomatic, fanatic, prismatic, monochromatic, democratic, diplomatic, traumatic, erratic, systematic, pragmatic, pneumatic, prostatic, psychosomatic, schematic, operatic, melodramatic;
  2. attic, static;
  3. ecstatic, asthmatic, emphatic, dogmatic, dramatic, aquatic, climatic;
  4. acrobatic, automatic, autocratic, aromatic, asiatic, adriatic;
  5. electrostatic, aristocratic, asymptomatic, diagrammatic, axiomatic;
  6. semiautomatic, idiosyncratic;

Quotes for Problematic:

  1. Using MO to link crimes can be problematic Pat Brown.
  2. Everything becomes so problematic because of basic faults: from a discontent with myself. Anna Freud.
  3. Some argue that recognition of the genocide has become even more problematic now, when the world is at war with terrorism and the United States cannot afford to offend the sensibility of our Turkish ally. Adam Schiff.