What is another word for Alkali flat?

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[ ˈalkəlˌa͡ɪ flˈat], [ ˈalkəlˌa‍ɪ flˈat], [ ˈa_l_k_ə_l_ˌaɪ f_l_ˈa_t]

Alkali flat is a term used to describe a specific type of terrain that is generally flat, barren, and filled with alkaline soil. Although this term is fairly specific, there are a number of synonyms that can be used to describe similar landscapes. Some of these synonyms include salt flats, desert plains, playa, and dry lakebeds. All of these terms refer to a type of terrain that is characterized by its aridity, lack of plant life, and high levels of salt or other minerals. Whether one is describing an alkali flat or any of its synonyms, the landscape is sure to be stark and devoid of the lush vegetation found in more temperate regions.

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