What is another word for monotone?

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Monotone is often used to describe something that lacks variation or is dull and boring. However, there are a plethora of synonyms available to describe this concept. Words like monotony, sameness, routine, uniformity, tedium, and drabness can all be used as synonyms for monotone. Other options include monochrome, unvarying, unchanging, repetitive, and uneventful. Additionally, phrases such as dreary repetition or tedious drone can also be used to describe something that is monotone. No matter which synonym is used, they all convey the same overarching message: a lack of diversity and excitement.

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What are the opposite words for monotone?

The word "monotone" refers to a sound or voice that is dull and unvarying, lacking in expression or inflection. Antonyms for "monotone" would be words that describe sounds or voices that are varied, expressive, or dynamic. Some possible antonyms include words like vibrant, lively, energetic, colorful, animated, melodic, varied, or musical. These words suggest a range of tones, pitches, and rhythms that are rich, diverse, and engaging. A vibrant voice, for example, might be full of warmth and enthusiasm, while a lively sound might be full of vitality and energy. Overall, antonyms for "monotone" suggest sounds or voices that are far from dull or boring, but instead are full of life and personality.

Usage examples for Monotone

The maddening monotone of our routine, together with the expenditure of every available strain of force, had left the head dizzy with emptiness.
"My Attainment of the Pole"
Frederick A. Cook
Then Dil held the thin hands and fanned her while she crooned, in a sort of monotone, bits of beautiful sentences she had gathered in her infrequent inspection of windows where Christmas or Easter cards were displayed.
"In Wild Rose Time"
Amanda M. Douglas
"No, not Ibsen," she replied in a weak voice, "only a free woman-free even to admire the man whose name I bear," she added, her temper sinking to a sheer monotone.
James Huneker

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