What is another word for forsake?

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Forsake is a verb that means to abandon or renounce. Other synonyms for forsake include abandon, desert, leave, relinquish, give up, drop, discontinue, neglect, disregard, reject, and betray. All of these words suggest leaving something or someone behind, often with a sense of finality. Abandoning implies giving up something or leaving it without any intention of returning. Desert suggests leaving behind something that one has been accustomed to or that requires one's attention. Relinquish implies letting go of something that one has possessed or controlled. In any case, these synonyms for forsake are useful for expressing a wide range of emotions and intentions where leaving something or someone behind is concerned.

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How to use "Forsake" in context?

For many people, the word "forsake" has a negative connotation. They might think of situations in which someone has chosen to walk away from a relationship or decision, or has discontinued support or assistance. But the word can also have a more positive meaning. For instance, someone who forsakes their unhealthy lifestyle might make a conscious decision to try a different approach to health and wellness. Ultimately, "forsaking" can refer to any action or decision that leads to a change in course or attitude.

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