What is another word for bacchic?

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[ bˈakɪk], [ bˈakɪk], [ b_ˈa_k_ɪ_k]

Bacchic is a term that typically refers to the wild and frenzied behavior associated with the Roman god Bacchus, also known as Dionysus in Greek mythology. Synonyms of the term include ecstatic, frenzied, manic, and orgiastic, as all these words share similar connotations of wild abandon and unrestrained behavior. Additionally, bacchic can be used to describe excessive drinking or revelry, so other synonyms might include boozy, riotous, and carousing. Overall, the word bacchic and its synonyms serve to convey the spirit of wild revelry and abandon that is associated with the bacchanalian rituals of ancient Rome.

How to use "Bacchic" in context?

When used to describe people or things, the word "bacchic" can conjure up images of revelry and intoxication. In ancient Greece, the bacchae were a group of female cult followers characterized by their excessive drinking and celebrations. In modern usage, the word can be used to describe individuals who are wildly enthusiastic about life or who revel in their own savoir-faire. There's also a subculture of bacchics who enjoy ritualized drinking bouts, often lasting for days on end. The Greeks may have coined the term, but modern bacchics have made it their own.

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