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Sore is a feeling of pain, discomfort or tenderness in a body part. There are many synonyms for the word sore which include painful, aching, tender, throbbing, smarting, sensitive, irritable, bruised, stiff, tender, raw, inflamed and hurting. Each of these words describes the feeling of discomfort that you may experience when a body part has been injured or strained. It is important to note that the choice of synonym used may depend on the condition or part of the body affected. For instance, headache and toothache are two specific types of pain. Understanding synonyms for the word sore can help you convey your feelings more accurately, allowing others to better understand your situation.

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The word "sore" is derived from the Old English word searah, meaning a flow of bile. From the Middle English word seer, meaning pus. In modern English, the word "sore" refers to the unbearable and often irritating feeling that is felt when the skin is injured or inflamed.

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