What is another word for ballade?

Pronunciation: [bˈale͡ɪd] (IPA)

Ballade is a type of poetic form that originated in medieval France. It typically consists of three stanzas and a concluding one that repeats the opening phrase of the first, with a rhyme scheme of AbabbCbC. Some synonyms for the word "ballade" include lyric poem, verse, song, sonnet, and ode. Each of these terms also indicates a type of poem or poetic form, with unique characteristics and structures. While ballade is a specific form, synonyms for it indicate other types of poetic expression that may have similarities in style, tone, or theme. Whether writing a ballade, sonnet, or ode, poets have a range of forms available to express their ideas and emotions through language.

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Usage examples for Ballade

The moderns introduced the sonnet, the ballade, the ballad and other forms.
"The Literature of Ecstasy"
Albert Mordell
The Chopin pupils also wrote to the papers letters always beginning, "Honored Sir,-Your numerous and intelligent readers would perhaps like to know in what manner Chopin's performance of the F minor ballade resembled Mychowski's.
James Huneker
Mychowski caught him at a recital one night with a score of the F minor ballade of Chopin, and warm and irritable as he was, for he had just played the work, he could not refrain from asking his servant how it had pleased him.
James Huneker

Famous quotes with Ballade

  • ValvertCyranoValvertCyranoValvertCyranoValvertCyranoValvertCyranoValvertCyranoYes, a poet, … and, to such an extent, that while we fence, I will, hop!, extempore, compose you a ballade!ValvertCyranoValvertCyranoValvertCyranoValvertCyrano
    Edmond Rostand

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