What is another word for monody?

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Monody is a term used to describe a single melodic line or a poem consisting of a lament for a deceased person. Some synonyms for monody include elegy, dirge, requiem, funeral song, lament, and threnody. Elegy is a poem or song written in honor of someone who has died, while a dirge is a mournful song played at a funeral. A requiem is a Mass for the dead, while a funeral song is a piece of music played during a funeral service. A lament is a song or poem expressing grief, and threnody is a Greek term used to describe a song of mourning. All these words are closely related to monody and express various aspects of grief, loss, and mourning.

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    The definition of monody is a type of poetry that typically employs a single dominant melody or refrain. This can be in the form of a line, a phrase, or a whole poem. The purpose of this melody is usually to provide a smooth, calming influence, or to convey a specific emotional message.

    Monody is often used to explore personal thoughts and emotions. This is partly because the use of a single melody allows the author to focus on the substance of their words, rather than on Bombastic flourishes or flashy displays of technique.

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    • n.

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