What is another word for poem?

Pronunciation: [pˈə͡ʊɪm] (IPA)

The word "poem" refers to a literary work made up of verse and often accompanied by rhythm and meter. However, there are several synonyms one can use interchangeably for "poem." These include "verse," "rhyme," "lyric," "ballad," "ode," "sonnet," "epic," "haiku," and "stanza." Each of these terms has its distinct characteristics and is generally used in different contexts. For instance, "ballad" refers to a poem that tells a story, while "sonnet" is a fourteen-line poem. Knowing these different synonyms can make your writing more diverse and engaging, especially in poetry and literary studies.

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What are the opposite words for poem?

The antonyms for the word "poem" include prose, article, report, story, essay, and composition. While a poem is a form of literary expression that features a rhythmic and metaphorical language, these antonyms are primarily used for informational or explanatory purposes. Prose refers to written or spoken language that is not structured in verse form, while an article or report typically aims to inform or describe a particular topic or event. A story typically follows a narrative structure, and an essay provides an analytical or critical analysis of a topic. A composition can refer to any type of written work, but it does not necessarily have to include poetic elements.

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Usage examples for Poem

The poem is steeped in a sense of gratitude.
"The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus"
G. A. Chadwick
She meant to surprise her father some day with this poem.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine
Tell us now, mamma, a poem.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine

Famous quotes with Poem

  • With several different kinds of poetry to choose from, a man would decide that he would like best to be an epic poet, and he would set out, in conscious determination, on an epic poem.
    Lascelles Abercrombie
  • If you read quickly to get through a poem to what it means, you have missed the body of the poem.
    M. H. Abrams
  • A poem records emotions and moods that lie beyond normal language, that can only be patched together and hinted at metaphorically.
    Diane Ackerman
  • A poem generated by its own laws may be unrealized and bad in terms of so-called objective principles of taste, judgement, deduction.
    A. R. Ammons
  • Each poem in becoming generates the laws by which it is generated: extensions of the laws to other poems never completely take.
    A. R. Ammons

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