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Chant, a rhythmic repetition of words or phrases, can be replaced with a variety of synonyms. These synonyms include recite, sing, intone, warble, drone, orate, declaim, and rehearse. Reciting involves repeating words or phrases in a specific order. Singing incorporates a melodic tune into the repetition of words. Intoning emphasizes the tone and inflection of words during the repetition. Warbling is a form of singing with fluctuating pitch and intensity. Droning is a monotonous and steady repetition of words. Orating involves a more formal delivery of spoken words. Declaiming emphasizes a more dramatic delivery of spoken words. Rehearsing involves a more controlled practice of repeating words or phrases.

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Usage examples for Chant

It was so delightful to sway and swing and chant the rythmic lines over and over that almost she forgot she was being bad, and Martha had done the things she ought to have done, and the baby cried himself to sleep without her, and lay with the pathetic tear marks still on his cheeks, but her tired mother had only looked reproachfully at her and had not said one word.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine
To abandon fixed rhythm, or meter, for the floating rhythm of the chant may not be an immediate solution of the problem.
"Open Water"
Arthur Stringer
And, meantime, we are alive; we walk about; we, too, can swell the chorus which the Initiated chant in every century with the same fond confidence: "We alone enjoy the Holy Light."
Beatrice Fortescue

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