What is another word for berets?

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Berets are a type of hat that are traditionally made of wool or felt, and are often associated with French culture. However, there are many other words that can be used to describe similar headwear. For example, a tam o'shanter is a Scottish bonnet that is similar in shape to a beret, but typically made of wool and adorned with a pom-pom. A capote is a type of cap with a flat top and rounded sides, while a fedora has a wide brim and a slightly tapered crown. A beanie is a close-fitting knit cap that is often worn for warmth, while a pillbox hat is a small, round hat with a flat top and no brim.

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    Berets are the most basic form of headdress for infantry and are worn with a wide range of clothing and accessories. The modern Berettas are the iconic sidearm of the Italian military, and their compact size and trademark checkering has made them popular with civilian collectors and gun enthusiasts.

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