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Bonnets are a type of headwear that dates back to the Middle Ages. They were typically worn by women and children and were often made of a soft and lightweight material to provide comfort and protection from the sun. Synonyms for bonnets include headscarves, caps, hats, hoods, and headgear. While each term may have subtle differences in their style and construction, they all serve the same practical purpose of covering the head and providing shade. Today, bonnets are often worn as a decorative accessory or as part of a historical costume, but they remain an enduring symbol of feminine style and elegance.

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    How to use "Bonnets" in context?

    There are many types of bonnets and they can be found in all sorts of colors and styles. A bonnet can be a fashion statement on its own or can be bought as part of a costume. A bonnet can keep your head warm on cold days or cool on hot days.

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