What is another word for pajamas?

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[ pɐd͡ʒˈɑːməz], [ pɐd‍ʒˈɑːməz], [ p_ɐ_dʒ_ˈɑː_m_ə_z]

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How to use "Pajamas" in context?

When it comes to going to bed, many people like to wear something comfortable and luxurious. Some people might sleep in clothes that they wore to work, others might like to sleep in something from their own closet. However, for some people, wearing something they can take off and put back on again might be more comfortable. That is where pajamas come in.

Some people might not care what they wear to bed, but might like to sleep in something that is comfortable. For those people, pajamas can be a great option. They are usually made out of comfortable materials and are easy to put on and take off.

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