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Capes are essential clothing items used by both males and females to cover their upper bodies. If you're tired of using the word "cape," here are other synonyms you can use - cloak, mantel, shawl, overcoat, poncho, wrap, drape, and stole. The cloak is a long and flowing garment that covers the entire body. A mantel has a lush appearance and is ideal for formal events. Shawls also cover the shoulder and arms, typically made of wool or cotton. An overcoat is a more modern interpretation of a cape. A poncho is typically made with a round or square fabric piece. Wraps, drapes, and stoles are perfect for informal gatherings and dinners.

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How to use "Capes" in context?

Capes are a type of clothing that is typically paired with a hood. Caps are often used to protect a person's head from the sun or wind. They can also be used to add a decorative element to an outfit. There are a variety of different types of caps, from beanies to bowlers. Caps are often made from a variety of materials, including cloth, straw, or felt.

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